The Lodge is named after the Goose and Gridiron tavern in London where the United Grand Lodge of England was organized in 1717.

While the lodge is a legally constituted Special Lodge of Master Masons working under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, it will proudly claim its heritage as a English Emulation Lodge with a special mission:  to practice and share the customs and rituals that imbue the fraternal experience in England. With Goose and Gridiron Lodge No. 1717 brothers may experience English Emulation Ritual and custom without leaving the United States.

In addition to its study of Emulation Ritual, the lodge seeks to capture and practice many of the foundational elements of English Lodges, such as festive boards, philosophical education, dress, programs and charities.  By doing so, the Lodge will provide an environment that is distinguished and warm, social and philosophical, exclusive and inviting.

Goose and Gridiron Lodge No. 1717 will meet four times a year in dedicated lodge rooms within the state of Ohio unless authorized by special dispensation of the Grand Master.

To become a member of Goose and Gridiron Lodge No. 1717 a Brother must be a Master Mason, join as either a plural or dual member and remain in good standing with his primary Lodge.


Goose and Gridiron Lodge No. 1717 booth at the

Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Ohio October 11-13, 2018

The next meeting of

Goose and Gridiron Lodge No. 1717

will be held in  Salford (Manchester) England

March 19 - 22, 2020 

  For more information and to register



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